Cocalico Youth Soccer Club

What do our Board Members and Coordinators do?

President - Oversee all aspects of the club. The President shall preside at the club monthly meetings and Board of Directors' meetings. You will work directly with all board members on organizing and planning the direction of the club for the upcoming year. You will be representing CYSC in all leagues as well as in the local community. You will be directly involved in working with the board members to resolve issues that may arise.

Vice President - Supports all other board members responsibilities as needed including attending league meetings, assisting with club issues, as well as coordinating schedules. The Vice President will assume responsibilities in the absence of the President.

Secretary - Send out notice of all meetings to all participants of the club. Keep minutes and attendance of all meetings and distribute copies of these to all Board members. Maintain an accurate copy of the CYSC Constitution and By-Laws, including all approved amendments. Maintain annually a directory of names, email, addresses and telephone numbers of all team coaches by individual teams. The Secretary is also responsible for providing ballots and conducting election at the June meeting. All communication to the entire club is channeled through this position via email or phone.

Registrar - Scheduling registration dates, distributing fliers to all schools, ensure that all players get registered into the EPSYA data base prior to the start of the season. This position requires a lot of computer work prior to the start of each season. Keep a complete record of all teams, coaches and players and provide such to the secretary. Attend all required Lanco League Registrar meetings.

Treasurer - Manage the checkbook for the club. Ensure all incoming monies are deposited and expenses are paid on a timely basis. Prepares and presents a monthly report to the club members at the club meetings which will detail the clubs revenues and expenses for the month. Also, you should be able to volunteer to support other Board members during other important functions of the club when necessary.

Coaching Coordinator - Assist all coaches by providing them different avenues to gain knowledge on coaching tips and to help them understand their responsibilities within the club. Possibly develop/update and distribute a coaching manual. As well as providing coaching clinics before each season or when necessary.

Equipment Coordinator - Responsible for coaches' equipment bags. Must order first aid supplies and restock equipment bags, with necessary items, before the start of each season. Must keep inventory lists and identify bags with coaches and ensure handing-out and return of bags at the beginning and end of each season. This person is also responsible for ordering game balls for each team before the start of each season.

Field Maintenance Coordinator - Schedules field lining before the start/end of spring and fall seasons, maintains field equipment such as goals and nets, verifies condition of fields due to rain for Rec league games. Create practice schedule and field assignment for all teams. Assist in game schedule and field assignment for U8/U6 program. Assign fields for make-up games at home. Insure fields are lined during the current season. Work with school officials for any special field changes, requests or needs.

Select League Representative - Boys/Girls- Represent CYSC at a monthly Reading Berks Junior Soccer League (RBJSL) meeting. Gather notes and report information from league meetings back to CYSC during our club meetings.

Rec League Representative - Boys/Girls- Represent CYSC at 2 meetings a year (1 Spring, 1 Fall) at Lancaster Area Recreational Soccer (LARS) league meetings and report information from meetings back to CYSC during our club meetings.

U8 Coordinator - Is responsible for assigning players to teams. Recruit coaches and assist in providing training and education of soccer. Develop a game schedule for all U8 teams. Work with the Field Maintenance Coordinator for assigning practice fields and game schedule. Schedule the referees for each game. The position requires some time prior to the start of the season, then just weekly communication with the other U8 coaches.

U6 Coordinator - Contact all players at the start of the season. Schedule a weekly practice/game. Recruit coaches/parent volunteers and assist in providing training and education of soccer. Work with the Field Maintenance Coordinator for field assignment. Responsible for set up and break down of equipment at the beginning and end of practice.

Snack Stand Coordinator

  • Buyer - Responsible for all aspects of supplying food/beverages for the snack stand including shopping, stocking, recruiting donations if needed, inventory and keeping financial records and presenting those records at the monthly club meeting.
  • Scheduler - Responsible for working with the volunteer coordinator to assure that volunteers are available to help run the snack stand during soccer games. Must also coordinate snack stand operating hours with all team game schedules. Also for sending out weekly email reminders to scheduled teams. Communicate with each team representative, field maintenance coordinator, and referee coordinator for any changes.
  • Open/Close Support - Responsible for opening/closing the snack stand or coordinating a volunteer to do so.

* In addition to operating stand for fall and spring seasons, also responsible for all of the above-mentioned responsibilities for the Columbus Day Tournament.

Fundraiser Coordinator - Selects and coordinates the fundraisers run throughout the year. Works with the Club's spiritwear vendor to pick items available for purchase.

Picture Coordinator - Coordinating the clubs' player photo nights. This involves communicating with the Photographer and Coaches and creating a schedule for picture night and being present on those nights.

Referee Coordinator - Must assign referees to all home rec games. Communicate with all Rec coaches, Field Maintenance Coordinator and Snack Stand personnel.

Uniform Coordinator - Responsible for ordering and passing out uniforms to entire club and must keep inventory records and present those records and financial records to the Board at monthly club meetings.

Website Coordinator - Making updates to the CYSC website on a regular basis to ensure all information is current and easily accessible to the entire club and the public.